Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oregon Oysters Recalled for Norovirus Contamination

Oysters from Oregon's scenic Yaquina Bay have been recalled after eight people in Newport, Oregon became ill with gastrointestinal symptoms after eating the shellfish. The case is a bit of a mystery, since Norovirus is typically only a problem with warm-water oysters. Officials are investigating possible sources including water pollution or contamination of the oysters during processing and preparation, but in the meantime excercise caution.

Oysters from the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest are typically safer from contaminants like Norovirus or Vibrio than the riskier warm-water oysters harvested in the Gulf of Mexico. That doesn't mean you can't get sick. Be cautious at the oyster bar this weekend, and always see a doctor if you feel ill after consuming raw or undercooked seafood.

More on the recall, from Food Safety News.

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