Monday, March 1, 2010

A Documentary You Will Not Be Seeing In Theaters

Apparently there's a new documentary out exposing Smithfield Pork for being basically awful. Do I know whether the claims made in the film are legitimate or overblown? Nope. Do I know if the film's any good at all? Nope. You see, Smithfield has threatened the filmmaker with so many lawsuits that no insurer will back the film's United States release. Censorship? Not strictly speaking. Foul play? Kind of.

If the film makes false accusations that would be unfairly damaging to the company, then it's reasonable for Smithfield to threaten legal action. But if the film tells the truth and is being kept off the market using legal intimidation just in order to suppress this truth, well in that case...

Apparently the movie is up on youtube in 10 minute installments, at least for the time being. If anybody's seen it, I'd love to know what they think.

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